Quick facts:

  • Masbate is one of the three major islands of Masbate Province in the Philippines. The other two major islands are Ticao Island and Burias Island.
  • Rodeo Masbateño is celebrated annually in April. It is the only rodeo show in Asia.
  • Burias Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate.
  • The island of Burias has two municipalities, Claveria and San Pascual.

What to bring:

  • First aid Kit
  • Sunblock | Insect Repellent Lotion
  • Extra clothes
  • Camera |Cellphones
  • Headlamp | Flash lights
  • Power Bank to charge
  • Tent for your own privacy

How to get there:

It takes effort to get to the island,  either fly or take a bus to Daet or Naga City in Bicol Province but we promise that it will be worth it. Drop off point is Pasacao port, from there a two-hour boat ride will take you to Burias Island.

If you’re coming from Manila, there are buses that would take you to Naga City or Daet Camarines Norte , check these Bus Operators : Superlines, DLTBCo., Philtranco, Amihan Buslines, Elavil . It takes 8 hours land travel from Manila to Bicol Region.

You can also ride a plane going to Naga if you have enough budget.Check flight schedule and fare here; Cebu Pacific  & Philippine Airlines. It takes 45mins by plane from NAIA, Manila Airport to Naga Airport.

  • Manila-Naga-Pasacao Port

From Manila ride a bus and get off to Naga City bus Terminal then ride a bus and get off to Tambo, Pamplona. From the crossing area ride a jeep that will take you to the port of Pasacao. You can directly ride a jeep at jeepney terminal in Naga city located at the back of LCC Mall

  • Manila-Daet-Pasacao Port

From Daet Bus Terminal ride a bus or van and get off to Tambo, Pamplona from crossing, ride a jeep that will take you to the port of Pasacao.

There are 3 trips from Pasacao port going to San Pascual, Burias Island. Once you arrive at the town of San Pascual, you can rent a boat for an island hopping going to Dapa and other islands. It is better to coordinate at the local tourism office of San Pascual for you to get the best rates for boat rental and also for proper assistance and for the safety.

Where to stay:

  • Please coordinate with the Tourism office of San Pascual and make sure to register at the tourism office upon arrival for a safe travel. The municipality of San Pascual, a charming old-world town, has inns, beach resorts and home stays coordinate to your tour coordinator.
  • If you go here, you definitely need to bring your own tent. This is a beautiful location right on the beach. It’s quiet and the campers are all friendly making for a great vibe.

What to do:

  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Fish Feeding
  • Sun Bathing
  • Camping
  • Perfect location for Photo Enthusiast

What to eat:

  •  Adobong Pusit, Inihaw na Isda, Mussel etc. make sure to indulge in Burias freshest seafood produce. Let your tour coordinator prepare a buffet for the group. Boodle fight is sounds great!
  • For backpacker I recommend to bring your own foods and clean water for drink.

Check below the sample quotation and itinerary from our  tour coordinator. Feel free to contact him →  PJ Gonzales: 09396316372


2 DAYS & 1 NIGHT –  2000 / pax inclusions of:
1. Foods (Lunch, Diner, Bfast, Lunch)
2. Entrance/Tourism FFees
3. Boat Transportation  from Pasacao Port (25person capacity)
4.Tent area fee
5. Cottage (small)

Four islands to visit, each with different beautiful scenery to offer  witness Gods beautiful first creation “Let there be light” in sunrise and sunset.
1. Animasola Island – known for its canyon like rock formations, a one of a kind.

2. Sombrero Island – the wide white sand beach, and developed cottages, sunset here is the best.
3. Dapa Island – a virgin island, untouched  with jagged sharped edges old coral rocks molded by strong winds and waves and cathedral shaped rocks with white sand below,., its a must try to jump in the crystal clear water in here.

4. Tinalisayan Island – with crystal clear water, and very picturesque view of golden rock lying in the sand and a sand bar in a distance.

Sample Itinerary

DAY 1 
06:00AM – ETA in Pasacao port, *breakfast * buy for final foods & needs
08:00AM – ETD going to ANIMASOLA island
09:30AM – ETA in ANIMASOLA island
10:30AM – Boat ride going to SOMBRERO Island
12:00NN – ETA in SOMBRERO ISLAND * LUNCH * free time
02:00PM – Boat ride going to DAPA Island * cliff jump *
04:30PM – ETD going to SOMBRERO Island for overnight *DINNER(hosted meal) *free time *social time*sunset view

DAY 2 
06:00AM – Wake up call * breakfast (hosted meal)
08:00AM – Ride a boat going to TINALISAYAN Island
11:00AM – LUNCH (packed foods) *free time *wash up
02:00PM – ETD going to Pasacao port
03:00PM – ETA in Pasacao port
03:30PM – Back to Naga

*Php 500 Down payment is required for reservation.

Photo Credit: PJ Gonzales  ” Sunset at Sombrero Island ” #nofilter

Check more photos here ↓ owned by Couragean & Photo Credit: Kalvin Guban ↓


  1. Yes po. anyways Tour Organizer/Guide will always find other Tourist for join-tour. If you want private tour you can always negotiate to them for a good price.


  2. Hi. Hindi nagrereply yung contact na ibinigay niyo. interested pa naman ako with my cousin to get in touch with your tour organizer. may iba pang contact number para makasama kami sa april 12 and 13 and makdagdag kami doon sa mga iba pang tourist..dalawa lang kasi kami and we arehoping na makuha namin yun 2k/pax =) thank you and please reply =)

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  3. Hello I don’t have update if he change number did u try to call him. Anyways you can contact try to contact him via fb if they still organise tour to Burias Island_ here’s the link↪ https://www.facebook.com/pjemz


  4. Hello po. 2k is for big group 10+ po kami that time.. but you can always join with other small group. Anyways po please contact directly to peejay the tour oganizer about your concern maybe he can give you a good deal. Here’s his fb account https://www.facebook.com/pjemz


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