I travel all alone even I’m little, innocent and not that old. But, I knew where I need to go. I wandered so many journeys both ends and beginnings. I swear, I need to get there. For the better.

I started when the winters blew. When I was left by the one I loved, I never cry. And I started to fly; I can’t. I don’t have my wings yet. By which, I started to crawl.

Then, once said –life never gets easier. It’s true then. I suffer so many aches, I’m almost killed. Sometimes, the light flashes at the right time on my face. Where I almost feared to hope once more. I became stronger. And I and life get even.

Then I continue; I’m almost healed. The scars told I have done enough. I need a rest before it finally ends. So, another voyage is about to begin.

Now, I’m sealed. I treasured everything with me. I kept them. I let them be part of me. So, when my wings started to grow, it will grow stronger like my whole life.

There are stories that I never tell to anyone else; that kept only inside of my cocoon.

3 thoughts on “COCOON

  1. The cocoon is the stage of a life cycle of butterfly that’s have a horrible appearance but after that become a beautiful butterfly.


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