Cherry Blossom in Finland

The cherry trees are in full bloom, you must visit. The area is wonderful for a leisurely walkabout, selfies and picnic. Take your time to find a parking if you arrive by car, there´s space for parking beside the road and inside the park near at school building. I recommend taking a bus or metro instead. There is a lot of space for picnic but because people wanted to take photos closely with the flowers, most of them stay near the trees. I will recommend the small area where people are less than the main park. Check the videos and photos below.

Videos taken in Cherry Blossom Park, Helsinki Finland.

Main park, lots of people.
More space for picnic.
Less people. Area beside the road of Roihuvuori. A long Neste Gas Station.


How do I get there?

There is limited parking in the area, so you should come in public. For this reason, the best way to get there is either on foot from Herttoniemi metro station or by buses 80, 82 and 83, or from Itäkeskus by bus 80 and 82. HSL’s route guide . 

Is there a toilet?

Unfortunately, there are no fixed toilets in the park. The nearest public toilets are at Herttoniemi Metro Station.

Can I bring a dog to the party area?

A dog can be brought into the area, but it must be kept tethered. 

Can I use a disposable grill in the park?

Disposable grills are prohibited in city parks and are turned off by law enforcement officers upon meeting.

Can the park be wheelchair accessible?

The corridors of the Cherry Park can be wheelchair accessible, but part of the grass field is uneven.

Is it possible to get a Point of Sale in taps and come to sell, for example, Thai or Chinese food?

They wanted to limit the celebration to Japanese culture and that is why we have only rented outlets to vendors who specialize in Japanese food. 

For more Info visit this site Roihuvuori Hanami Festival

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