I stand all alone on an abyss were I can’t see anything clearly. Yet I heard cry from not far behind. I worried for who might be crying. For the voice sounds so horrible, just like a maiden in pain. The place were cover by dust, it’s merely a desert. the wind blows so strong like storm. The sun heat is raging not simply a summer like day. The place looks a dead forest for i seen blurred shadows of branches and twigs. The smell was dominated by fumes of the greenhouse gases. the place where I stand alone has no signs of life. I know it is same place I’ve live in since before. And i don’t know what happened for the past years for it all have ended like this. What happened to my only home?

“men argue, nature acts”- Voltaire

The nature itself has the rules to follow. From giving the gift of life, reproduction of species, development of tissues and the devastating process of ending lives.

The nature is the only roof that sheltered every life form, from the largest faunas and floras to microbes of different kinds. Since before, the nature itself creates life and care for it. A paradise of Eden became a jungle of several beast. The place was safe and sound is now dangerous to everyone for change have brought the technology, studies and experiments, pollution, never ending poverty and sufferings. Now, what cost can we get from a dying nature?

It is about millions of pesos  or dollars we get from the subdivisions, buildings and highways established on untouched forests? It is the kind of living we can enjoy from the technologies of present? or is it about letting the paradise  of the past gone and live in a home created by hands of people desperate for wealth?

The nature is the only home for my generation. The nature itself has the own rule of revenge. the nature’s vengeance brought by several catastrophes like earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, floods and even epidemic redefine the prowess of a paradise. It is not the nature the one to be blamed for the lost of lives during these catastrophes because is it you the one who killed them. Your disrespectful doings that recreate the world we have today at the same time murdered the gift from above. You have killed M.E (Mother Earth).

Sometimes, it’s seems to be unfair for nature’s wrath never sees whose innocent and not. Everyone was involved once the nature asks for the pay. No one can be excluded to this. We have the same part for happiness and fear only that the current generation is the one to suffer for pain. our beloved home can only be saved by the same people who cause the destruction. And it was only you, only us is the key for the rebuilding the only shelter we have. So let’s be it.

The time has come for us to do something better. This calls for duties to take a step in retrieving the remaining life from the earth. And that must be now. The advocacy is not that easy to do. It considers a lot of time, effort and love. So, would you help the advocacy or not?

For once I heard  a cry for not far behind, a cry from a maiden who suffers so much pain. The time has come for us to help her wiping those tears. the tears as evidence of our mistakes and swear of not doing those things again. We have learned our lessons. The abyss I have stand for so long alone is the only place I considered as home. And now, my conscious is awake. Everything was just a bad dream for now that no doubt can be happened in reality.

“For once never wonder what they worth”- Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas)

Someday, the sun will shine vibrantly on the earth like gold was covered the world and fastened on canvas of a portrait of past, present and future.

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