Tinalisayan Island: 4th Island Hop- A Long White Powdery Sand Bar

We are ready to take a long walk in Tinalisayan Island’s white powdery sand bar! We were welcomed by this immense beauty, pure white sand and clear water. The municipality of San Pascual is blessed with surrounding small islands with unspoiled white beaches and spectacular rock formation, one of the town’s best-kept treasure is Tinalisayan. A great island that will complete our summer escapade. But wait before I tell you  more about this island let me show you our arrival photo ↓


The tide was getting high when we get there but a good amount of sand was still on the surface. After seeing the two islands Animasola, Sombrero and Dapa Islands, I thought I wouldn’t be surprised anymore but Tinalisayan islet has a little bit of everything. A white sand beach, a long sandbar off the coast and a scenic hill with nearby rock formations are just perfect! Seeing it from afar is totally different from actually being there. The sandbar was indeed long, probably longer on low tide. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Everyone enjoy swimming and playing in a white long sandbar.

13095737_1108744195850999_5953671441118678450_n (1)

Read full details here – How to get to Tinalisayan Island of San Pascual, Masbate

Check our pretty cool photos here↓ ( Photos owned by Couragean )

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