Chapel of Silence

The Kamppi Chapel is a Lutheran chapel in Kamppi, Helsinki, located on the Narinkka Square. It is also known as the “Chapel of Silence” since it is intended to be a place to calm down and have a moment of silence in one of the busiest areas in Finland.

The chapel was constructed as a part of the World Design Capital program in 2012. It was designed by architects Kimmo Lintula, Niko Sirola and Mikko Summanen of K2S Architects Ltd., and won the International Architecture Awards in 2010. The chapel became popular immediately after it was opened: some 250,000 people had visited by January 2013; a year later the chapel received its 500,000th visitor. CNN called the building an architectural landmark and said: “The chapel demonstrates how contemporary architecture at its best can fascinate and inspire.”

The curved shape of the small-scale Chapel building allows space and views to flow in the urban surroundings. At the same time, the soft shape of the inside of the Chapel embraces the visitor in its safety. The chapel is ecumenical and welcomes everyone irrespective of religion, philosophy of life or background.


The most imposing space in the Chapel is the main hall with its height of 11.5 meters. In the quiet chapel area, the busy surroundings have been consciously blocked out. Present are the light coming indirectly from above and the warm feel of the materials.

Photog: Ulpu P.

Watch this video : Chapel of Silence

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