Ivy Jill

Hello! I´m Ivy Jill

“Life is something that everyone should try at least once.”

Theater Name: Mimosa. I’m a Storyteller, Believer 👆 Dreamer 👼 Achiever 🎓 Explorer, Traveler ✈ Treasurer 👑💰  Artist 🎭 👠 🎬🎥📺. I am a Daughter, a Sister & a Friend. Chief  Blogger here at Bios Blog, Married and now a Finn´s Wife ❤️

It’s been a long time since I decided to have my own blog site like an online journal. Year 2016 when I started this blog. I used to have a diary and love to compose a poems & songs. It´s all informal writing, I´m not so serious about about it. I’m hoping that through this Bios Blog I can practice and develop more my writing skills, and of course share my write-ups to other people.

Again, please excuse me for any wrong grammar, spelling, misplaced, missing, transpose or excessive letters. I’m kinda dyslexic. I don’t have editor and I do the proofreading by myself. Honestly it’s hard for me to read everything, it’s hard for me to focus & see the details, specially when I´m stress and tired also when I´m super happy. But writing is one of my way to express myself and distress. I think I´m a better writer when I’m angry and my keyboard sounds more cool. 😅lol. I want my blogsite be in public again so people can read, inform and entertain them. We never know one sentence or even few words are enough to inspire others and change their life for a better version..

I don´t have any background or pursue a degree in writing – either a Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts nor a degree in English/Filipino, journalism, communications or any relevant field. I Just love arts, writing and documenting events. All I knew is I was born as an Artist and I want to do diff things. I also love taking photos, video, graphic designing–etc. In short I´m “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Yes I know I should stop trying to be good at many things, and focus on mastering one. Believe me or not- I tried!

I will try to show up online in real and engaging ways. I´ll write to release my true stories, how I pursue my goal, struggle, fight and survive. I’m hoping that it will help my readers learn the noble concept being as we have only one life, being grateful for what we have and live life to the fullest! I want to give tips & advice based on my personal experience, to give the right information, to entertain people and to webcast my self-discoveries.

I’d love to hear from you! I’d love to connect with you on my social media.

Who is Biospeer?


If you are a person who follow and read this blog or has the same interest in arts, literature or you just want to give advice, tips and share your experience. If you think you can be or you are one of our peers and you love writing and sharing , your original piece is welcome to Bios Blog site.

If you are visual artists; love to draw, doodle or paint or just a photography enthusiast, if you want to share your photos or artworks, we can also featured it together with the article. Pictures must be excellent quality (800 x 600 px) landscape format only. Together with your profile (Name, Age, Profession, Address and link of your social media accounts) send your article or your original piece either it is poem, song, essay or photos at contributor@biosblog.network

@lrstmatthew – Civil Engineer, Poet, Satirist, Critic

@rejloresto – Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, Diarist, Memoirist, Poet

W O  R D  S  M   I   T   H

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

~Benjamin Franklin~

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