Tonight is probably the saddest night of mine.

Through the blackness of clouds, glittering lights of the city

Only stars are seen

And I can’t see the moon.

I still remembered the first night.

I’m wandering the black plain sky

Wishing to see some touch of life

I’m happy then.

Even I’m blinded not to see the stars,

I can still see the moon

Which reminds me everything joyful.

Like you said, “the moon shines to the world

And connects people for they’re watching only one moon.”

I always thought about that.

It’s been years since we watch the moon together

And I’m lone yet longing to see the moon every night.

It’s beautiful but sad…

It reminds me always of you.

I know we’re a million miles away

And it’s not easy.

I’m like connecting the stars to see big pictures,

And do not see the star lovely even alone.

When you come back,

You don’t need to be away again.

Years of sacrifices,

Years of living in a different time zone

Years of being tired yet still need to work

Years of desolation

They’re more than enough.

You can’t always be the moon.

Tonight is probably the saddest night of mine

But the last night.

You’ll be home now.

We’ll watch the moon and the stars together,


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