MISS CAMARINES SUR 2016: Confidently Beautiful Bicolana, JESSICA MEDINA HOLZ

Tell us about yourself…

I am Jessica Medina Holz, a 21 year-old aspiring beauty queen and doctor. I was born on March 15, 1995 in Sipocot, Camarines Sur to a Filipina mother and a German father. I am a Psychology student in Adamson University in Manila. FB_IMG_1464350127841

Who is Jessica Medina Holz in normal days, any hobbies?..

In normal days, I am just a very ordinary woman. When I go to school, I only wear less makeup, I only put mascara to give life to my eyes, fill in my eye brows and put a light pink lipstick. I only wear simple clothing like jeans, shirts, and sneakers or any flat shoes. In school, I am just an average student, but I can say that my grades are good. FB_IMG_1464350178892I listen to music.. a lot! I listen to different genres of music, I love Adele, Lana del Rey, and Jessie J. My favorite rock bands are Linkin Park, Paramore, Chicosci, and One Ok Rock. Every time people find out that I am a fan of rock bands they always say that I don’t look like I listen to rock music. I also listen to Kpop, yes, Korean pop (hahaha), I really like this Kpop band called, BTS not Behind The Scene but Bangtan Sonyeondan. I also love to watch horror movies!! Almost all of the movies that I’ve seen were horror films.

How do you describe your personality?..

I may not look like it, but I have a kind heart. I love to help people in every way that I can. I am also very shy, but when you get to know me, I talk a lot! I also like to spend time alone, it helps me to reflect on the things that I or others did. I am also very appreciative, I always remember even the simplest thing you did for me. Of course I also have bad days, I also get mad or annoyed especially when it’s that time of the month he he he


What makes you decide to join beauty pageants? Who inspired you a lot to pursue it?..

Honestly, I never thought that I’d pursue with beauty pageants. I only joined Miss Sipocot in 2013 because my relatives asked me to represent our Barangay in the said pageant. I never thought that I’d be on bigger pageants after that. It’s always my family that inspires me to continue dreaming and working hard.

How did you prepare for the pageant? …

I always take care of my skin, especially in the face. When there is no occasion or when not needed, I don’t use makeup to avoid pimples. I also read to feed my brain and to widen my vocabulary. I also always prepare my heart for whatever the result of the pageant would be. FB_IMG_1464364243508

Can you tell us what beauty pageant you competed before Ms. Kaogma.? tell us more…

In 2013, I joined 3 pageants: The very first was Miss Sipocot – 1st runner up. 2. Miss Canaman – 4th runner up 3. My first Regional pageant where I competed with some of the most veteran beauty queens, Mutya ng Ibalong. I was one of the top ten finalists.


In 2014, I joined Mutya ni Daragang Magayon, I didn’t make it in the top ten. It was the most devastating for me. I did not want to join beauty pageants anymore after that because I felt like I failed so many people. I took a rest and joined Miss Rodeo Philippines in Masbate in 2015, I was able to be in the top 5 but there were only 3 winners, I was not one of them. Another frustration.

In 2016, I joined Mutya ni Daragang Magayon for the second time, again, I didn’t make it in the top ten. But I didn’t stop. I told myself that maybe it wasn’t for me, maybe there’s a reason why I didn’t win. And in May 2016, I pushed through with Miss Kaogma where I was crowned as Miss Camarines Sur 2016.

Photo Credit: Dandy Belleza

Can you share to us the “Q&A” portion, how did you answer it?if given a chance to answer it again, what is your answer/addition to your answer?..

The question was “How can you make your life more meaningful starting today?” I always answer the questions given to me from the heart. I cannot remember the exact answer that I gave but it was something like, “by helping other people, I could make my life more meaningful. By sharing the blessings that I receive from the Lord, without asking for anything in return, by sharing my stories, experiences, and knowledge, by telling other people that they are beautiful no matter who or what they are, by not being afraid to show the world what they got, and by being an inspiration to others that no matter how difficult life could be, they must always stand up stronger and better, that no matter how many times they fall, they could always succeed because everyone has their own time to shine.”

Photo Credit: Dandy Belleza ( He’s really good Photog, Follow him on his Facebook account here )

Any lesson you learned you want to share? What advice you can give to all aspiring beauty queen?…


The best thing that I learned from joining beauty pageants is to not give up on my dreams no matter what. It’s okay to rest sometimes but never quit because you don’t know how near you are from getting to your dreams. I’ve been rejected for so many times not only in pageants, I will not deny that there were times when I just wanted to give up but I always think of the people that are always there to support me. I always think of how far I’ve come, even though I don’t always win, I know that hard work will always pay off. If you have a dream, you have to always have a strong heart. It’s okay to cry if you feel like crying, it actually helps to lessen the burden that you are feeling… and always pray. Prayers work!! Don’t lose hope, always remember that when one door closes, another one opens. If there is no door that’s open, then find a way to open it. It’s also very important to love yourself, and be kind to everyone.

Any person/sponsor you want to thank now..?

I want to thank my handler, Reymond Condecion, and my makeup artist, Khristian Go for always making me beautiful, for always motivating me, for giving me so much love and for treating me like a real daughter. I am so thankful that God gave me these people.  (We have same handler & makeup artist, if you need pageant training and make up services just reach them on Facebook, just click their name above.)

To everyone from Sipocot, especially the ones from Brgy. Tara, for always being present in my pageants, for always cheering for me, for always encouraging me, for always making me feel like a winner, thank you. To my friends who are always very supportive, who always wishes me well, even though they can’t attend my pageants because they are in Manila, they always get in touched with me and always ask for updates, thank you. To my family, my inspiration. I will never go this far of not because of them, they are the main reason why I am not giving up. I will continue on making you proud! To every people that I was not able to mention, thank you! You know who you are.

Where we can follow you? Fb,Instagram, twitter, etc…

You can add me on Facebook, just search for my complete name, Jessica Medina Holz and you can follow me on Instagram: @jsscmhlz

Bios Blog POV

I met Jessica during Miss Sipocot 2013. Honestly I was  worried when I saw her first in picture, thinking that she could be my best rival because she’s “mestiza”, kidding. haha I was really pressure that time (because it’s my second time joining Miss Sipocot) but when I met her in person, she’s so kind, charming &  “mahinhin”.hehe not usual “manila girl”. She used to call me “ate”as big sister and because we have same handler, even she’s taller than me I  treated Jessica as my lil sister  haha . The truth is I never ever felt that she’s my rival actually I see a lot of potential with her specially she’s not only physically beautiful but she’s also brainy and confidently beautiful with the heart.♥

My journey with Jessica doesn’t end there because same year we both crowned  and got awards in Miss Canaman  &  we competed to Mutya ng Ibalong, our first Regional pageant  with some of the most veteran beauty queens from Bicol Region. Maybe you don’t believe me. lol  Check our photos below↓


JESSICA is not the usual woman with mixed of native and foreign descent, a Filipina/German girl, “englisera na mestiza”.

She is really a “Filipina Mestiza” with a very kind heart, strong enough to fight for what she knows is right, and confident enough to pursue her dreams in life. I believe that she is able to stand up for herself. She is strengthened by her good character. Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, guts. That’s what Jessica Medina Holz is made of.

Confidently Beautiful Bicolana!

Photo Credit: Bob Owen Guarin PhotoImage

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