Burapa Bike Festival 2016


♥♥♥ Last Feb 13-14 the 19th Burapa Bike Week, an annual two-day festival organized by the Burapa Motorcycle Club took place  again in Pattaya,Thailand. A popular event not only for motorcycle but also for rock music enthusiasts. This is very exciting event!

It is held every year in Pattaya around mid-February and it raises large amounts of money for charity each year. Bikers are super duper cool! Kinda old school everywhere.

As usual, the must-attend event for bike-loving locals and tourists. Burapa Bike Festival is a very popular event on the Pattaya Calendar, and is certainly the biggest event of this kind in Thailand. Kinda Vintage theme everywhere! 60’s 70’s 80’s.hahahha whatever!2016-02-14-11-38-34-449.jpg
2016-02-14-11-38-21-265Bike clubs from around the world and some 50,000 motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to attend the 19th Burapa Bike Week. Aside from live concerts with some big-name rock acts, the two-day festival will feature the usual food and product stalls, off-road shows, coyote dancing and – last but not least – thousands of big bikes and old-style choppers.
As in previous years, the annual festival promises to be a fun event not only for bikers and rock music fans but for the entire family.


Bike lovers travel from not only across Thailand, but from neighboring countries around Asia to attend this fun filled yearly event.  It is a time for local and tourist bikers to come together and showcase their bikes. Bike Week is filled with music and food with a warm concert festival atmosphere. It can get busy, loud, exciting, electric and of course a fun event.


Check more photos below ↓

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