Sombrero Island: 2nd Island Hop- Levitating Hat of the Cowboy from the Ocean

The name of the island is derived from the  Filipino term for hat, and the island has an iconic rock formation that looks same with cowboy’s hat.

13179231_121513514921577_5865692001485332427_n.jpgIt was lunch time when our boat arrived at the shores of Sombrero Island from Animasola Island. Sombrero island is a private island and there is an entrance fee of 20 Php. Camping is the way to go at Sombrero Island, but if you feel you need some more privacy or you’re taking vacation with family there are cottage local called it  as “bahay kubo” kind of accommodation for 2,500 Php per night with private bathroom while the simple bamboo cottages worth 700 Php. The island has public toilets enough to serve the travelers.

Waking up in the beautiful island with great people was such a delightful experience. We enjoyed Sombrero Island even at night because of its cool breeze from the ocean. It was really relaxing, the type of vacation we all need and deserve. Kind of Best 2016 Summer Escapade!

We were also told that the islet was, at one point in time, connected to the bigger island where the resort stands until sands were mined for transport to Boracay.

Awesome camping site surrounded by white sand. That huge cottage is our home for 2 days. Pretty Cool! =)
Look who’s hungry!?! hahaha  the adobong pusit and fresh fish were very satisfying. Like Fiesta for all of us ! #buffetlunch #seafood #ihawisda #danggit #pusit
Enjoying the Sunsent @ Sombrero Island  | Photo Credit:Kalvin Guban
Couragean with the beautiful sunset | Photo Credit: Joey Abergos

After our whole day island hopping we  take our afternoon dip at clear water with white sand and enjoy the sunset at Sombrero Island. We spend the night a’la castaway in Sombrero island to watch the stars as the waves softly rolls and rumbles.

Read full details here – How to get to Sombrero Island of San Pascual, Masbate

Photo Galore Here ↓ (I will add more photos soon ♥ All photos are owned by Couragean)

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