Beauty Beyond Beauty Aida King

 We can never see the beauty from within unless someone’s eyes talk too much. And for Aida King, her eyes express how beautiful she was from the inside and even the outside.

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Before anything blooms for Aida, she never thought that she will be a successful independent film actress or she’ll be known for modeling and acting. Life moves definitely in mysterious ways possible. It was a trip to LA from Vancouver when a Director noticed her and asked the most bizarre question she never expected at that moment –“Have you interested in Acting?” At first, she thought this is a joke or something but as the communication increases; from that unexpected question, it leads her from the most unexpected success she ever had.


Aida King is a proud Canadian-Filipina who grew up in Toronto, Canada.

At an early age, her parents taught her the importance of humility so she never sees her name being etched in the limelight of fame.

Truly, talents run in her veins; as she was a concertmaster, playing the violin way back in high school. She was the creative type of person but hesitant to see her own beauty.

Most of us will find it fascinating as we watched beauty pageants but for Aida, no offense, she didn’t like the idea of it –women pitted against each other to see who exhibits the most beautiful. Honestly, I take it positively. It’s like the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We never see the same beauty to different persons. And in this sense, Aida exhibits deeper beauty and wit.

Success comes with hard work, and for Aida, she gave personal time to learn things for the road she is now taking. She studied at Aaron Speiser School of Acting a famous acting school in LA. After that, she does several screen tests, monologues for agents, writers, producers, and filmmakers and finally, a chance was given to her and started to build an onscreen name.

From then on, Aida was noticed by LA SPLASH and LA SWIM Magazine that gave her the biggest break in modeling that ushers for another bigger opportunities on being hired for Elite Models to do swimwear, lingerie, and casual catalog campaign. One quick fact is, Aida King is the first Asian model to do the cover for LA SWIM Magazine, so she is truly a Pinay pride.

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Pinned in two industry, modeling and acting, though its related makes Aida extremely busy. However, her family, her husband, and her mentors make things easy to handle. Indeed, supports from our loved ones and those who believed in us are necessary for the fulfillment of our dreams.

Another thing that makes us, fans of Aida, excited are the projects that she where be working for quite some time. Okay! Hold your breath, Aida is currently slated to do 8 films with Moxie Motion Pictures/ Franklin Entertainment who were partners with Sony Motion Pictures. And of course, projects must be kept on secrets, so just follow her on social media to get an update about our beloved Aida King. Also, please, don’t scream so much, for Aida and her team are planning to shoot most of the movies in Thailand and Philippines that makes things extra special. Addition to these, Aida King is about to work on these projects with great talents like Jamie Foxx, Nicole Scherzinger, and Rosario DawsonRosario Dawson and other great celebrities of the Hollywood. Mind was blown! I think I spoiled too much so I better be quiet about the whereabouts of Aida King just find it for yourself.

The eyes which express your inner beauty make you special and beautiful. My thoughts about her, she is incredibly beautiful because of those stares that tell the story of her life.

The story of not seeing things happened yet when it happens you totally thankful for every single person that let those things happen.

We dream incredibly because we are incredible persons who are capable of making our dreams to reality. Aida King is one of those.

Be inspired and be updated about Aida King, you can follow her at  IMDb page for her my actress profile, and Instagram account.

Watch Below Aida King Plays A Nurse, With Her Love Interest, In Her Actor’s Reel. This Was The Reel That Got Her Discovered In Hollywood.↓

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