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I wish I could be the red rose that everyone loves.

Even this flower is painted with blood,

An emblem of hatred and proud,

I still wish I could be the flower you want.


I’m not the perfect flower for your prom

Nor the impeccable bouquet for your wedding,

And even the flower you like on a date.

But I wish I could be

Those red petals spread in the aisle while the bells start pealing.

The flower you hold when you start dancing.

I wish I could that be.

But I’m afraid, I have done not enough.

I’ve been trying so hard to be the flower for heart

A flower will define that red is never a war

To this society that only rose was allowed to bloom

And blind to see other beauty of petals like mine.


I’m still a beautiful flower.

I’m a pink Gumamela (hibiscus)

Only a few appreciate, and love

But I never hate.

I prayed.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

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