KK: Laundry-Inspired Installations

“Countless works and installations I have built, mostly straight into their spaces. Through my work I try to search my constantly changing outline. I need an outline to understand myself more clearly – to understand where the internal ends and the external begins.”  

~Kaarina Kaikkonen~

Photos Credit :ts.fi

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen creates site-specific installations by recycling secondhand clothing. The artist suspends the garments like a line of laundry hanging out to dry & an art installation that is inspired by outdoor laundry lines. Spotted across Finland, Kaarina Kaikkonen clotheslines make such intriguing and eye-catching art.

She reveals her personal connection to each of these clothing-based art projects that are, in their simplest forms, artistic coping exercises. Initially, the apparel artist worked with men’s jackets, shirts, and ties, finding inspiration from memories of her late father. In recent years, she has turned her attention onto the memory of her late mother, utilizing women’s clothing and shoes. Holding on to clothing is a way of holding on to memories of people. In a way, hanging the articles of clothing high above is freeing.

She said that she knows that most people don’t go or don’t want to visit museum so she make here art installation from the museum to public places, where people can see, can like nor hate her art.

Kaikkonen’s large-scale installations have lined many streets and fields across the world, producing fantastic, grandeur shapes in open spaces.

Visit her website : KAARINA KAIKKONEN

Sculptor Kaarina Kaikkonen has created two commissioned works to be displayed at the Ateneum Art Museum courtyard and the small park facing Keskuskatu. The works are on display free of charge. You can also find at  Atenuem Art Museum the solo exhibition of  Alice Neel paintings.

Displayed at the Ateneum Art Museum courtyard
Displayed at the Ateneum Art Museum courtyard
Displayed at the Ateneum Art Museum courtyard

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