The Wings: NAIA Terminal 3 Transit Lounge

The Wings Transit Lounge were inspired by the CAPSULE units of Japan to accommodate each traveler with exclusive bed space, for an economical yet satisfying rest.


The lounge is located in the 4th Level Mall Area of Terminal 3. Open 24 hours, this facility has multiple lounge area, with reclining chairs, sleep capsules, twin rooms, and a family room. Check the map below and room rate..

Credit Photo: The Wings

This is a very nice place to rest, I been there for 6 times. I wish all the airports in the world had a cheap and easy place to sleep. It is cost-worthy! So, if you have a long wait for your next flight in terminal 3 and looking somewhere to relax the most comfortable way and most secure way with the all-in facility. Rates are good too. Had hot showers too and free small breakfast. Terminal 3 is definitely my favorite among the 4 Terminals in Manila.

Facebook Page here for more info and updates. The Wings Transit Lounge

Check their official website here The Wings Manila

2 thoughts on “The Wings: NAIA Terminal 3 Transit Lounge

  1. Can we reserve on march 3.2019
    Family room we are 3. How much and can advance to pay for the reservation.


  2. Based of what I know, You can call them and reserve few hours before your preferred time but not so advance date, especially if it peak season. They only have this Room good for 2 and capsule bed for 1 person. They dont have bigger room.


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