On My Four Seasons

Sometimes, we’re like clouds –heavy, raining

Sometimes, we’re like flowers –vibrant, blooming

Sometimes, we’re like kids –free, smiling

Sometimes, we’re like leaves –sad, falling

Then, sometimes we’re all of them –both curves and edges.


You’re cold, frozen with your thoughts

Between your smiles lie

A little feeling of lonesome

Ah yes! You feel bliss



You have started with a light flashing

Brings bright, flight to reach your goal

Then, you’ll sit on your balcony

Reflect, reach, radiates



You always loved.

You curve a smile let others see

Enjoy. Indeed, a different shade of glee

Until I wait for you to be here again



 When the end started to begin

The glow departs, the hue arrives

Leaves started to fall, twigs were left.

We’re sad to say goodbye; till we met again

Nobody knows what the future holds



Transition made us people.

A change made us better.

Honors day and night.

Connect us one.


Then, we’re all of them –all curves and edges.

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