Dapa Island: 3rd Island Hop- The Craggy Rugged Coastline

Dapa is a Filipino word means to lay someone flat on his chest or stomach and the rugged beauty of the island look like up side down of a mountain rock. Maybe that’s the reason why they called it Dapa.(good observation right.hahaha)


13164449_1108735939185158_3051517402543581249_nLike what our tour coordinator said that the island has a different appeal, not the usual island that we all think of. Dapa has narrow shores with craggy rugged features and rock formations.Trip to this island isn’t complete without climbing the top of its huge up side down rock formation. Be careful since the rocks can be very rough believe me because it ruin my favorite elephant pant that I bought in Thailand when I sit on rock while taking my selfie.hahaha

Photo Credit: Kalvin Guban

Dapa Island was just a glimpse. It was like a grand opening number of an amazing island that we were about to experience. The farthest Dapa Island is said to have a cave home to a number of sea snakes.That is why you will see a lot of hole at the rock. I think we have explored the island more than we expected.

Perfect place for dive/jump shot !

Kalvin G. are gonna jump or just checking some fish?haha

We left the island late afternoon to go to Sombrero Island where we planned to spend the night and have some short program for the “Couragean”, name of our group.

By the way this rock ↓  where I stand have a lots of small shells and small fiddler crabs.

Photo Credit: Ralyn Alano

Read full deatils here – How to get to Dapa Island of San Pascual, Masbate

Check the Tiled Columns ↓(Photos are owned by Couragean)

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