It’s started when I’m six

Trying to paint my face with make-up and lipstick

Wears my mother’s dress and stilettos

And then walk, pose and wave

Like most of the princess in fairy tales.

Yet, my mother said, “You’re too young to wear those things;

Only a woman whose aging will have these flings.

So, better take those off,

Washed your face

And be my little girl again.”


I know, she’s not mad or glad for what I did

As she whispers the thing that I didn’t see

“It’s not yet your time to bloom my dear.”

Since then, I’ll wait of becoming a flower someday.


For every morning comes, I remembered

When the time my petals open

Just like mother says,

“On your own time, you’ll be a queen you used to be.”

Then, even I stumble at first

Fall at second,

I stand on third…

And continue to walk, pose and wave


Now, I also talk

Gave for good cause,

Help those in need, and no place to live

For I recall what mother says,

“The beauty that resides inside

-the most valuable possession,

Makes a beautiful queen.”

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