LASKIAINEN- Sliding Downhill

“Laskiainen” literally translated that means sliding downhill. It is often described as a “mid-winter sliding festival” and this never be complete without eating their traditional pea soup and buns filled with jam, called Laskiaispulla.

This year there´s a lot of snow, which means sledding is a lot easier.

Sledding is Fun for Adults Too! Walking or running back up to the top of the sledding hill for another trip down burns a ton of calories — but it’s so much fun, you’ll never even notice what a great workout you’re getting. Once you have a sled, going sledding is a free, fun and easy way to get out there and reconnect with your inner child. Let me share to you our sledding experience with our friends Ulpu and Risto.

Enjoying small things and being happy with almost anything ♡kid-at-heart♡ 2021

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